Native American Rings

About Native American Rings

Native American rings and jewelry has been popular among non-Native Americans for centuries. With their unique sense of style and attention to detail, their jewelry has caught the attention of many people over generations throughout the globe.

History of Native American Rings and Jewelry

Native American jewelry has a long history, and the meaning of the jewelry can vary depending on the tribes that create the piece. Native American jewelry has been discovered in archaeological dig sites with artifacts dating back over 1,000 years. The original use of making jewelry among tribes people was for adornment for special ceremonies and as a sign of royalty among tribes people. The main items used for making jewelry were beads, stones and shells.

Over time, Native American jewelry became popular among non native people. It was then that the jewelry began to be sold and traded by tribes for money or other tangible goods to people outside their tribe. There are many different types of jewelry they are noted for including: Native American rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces.

Native American Jewelry Today

Today, one of the more enjoyed pieces of Native American jewelry that has experienced a high amount of popularity globally is Native American rings. With the implementation of sterling silver in their jewelry making in the mid 1800’s, Native American rings, started to blossom into a popularity all their own. Today, Native American rings, can vary in style, and type. However, one of the most popular Native American rings are ones crafted using Turquoise.

Much of this is because Turquoise has long been a symbol of Native American culture. The use of Turquoise in Native American rings embodies their long held traditions and symbols. Today, there are many different types of stones that are used for Native American rings in addition to Turquoise.

Native American Rings: Precious Stones and Sterling Silver

While beads and shells are still used in Native American jewelry, the use of precious and semi-precious stones have proven to be the most popular. This is especially true when crafting Native American rings. Over the years, different Native American tribes have used the craft of silversmithing differently for their Native American rings. But overall, the use of Sterling Silver in Native American rings and other jewelry has become a mainstay for most Native American tribes that craft jewelry.

When using Sterling Silver in Native American rings, most all Indian Tribes use Sterling Silver that is 92.5 % silver and 7.5% copper. This is because as a metal, Sterling Silver is too soft to stay solid in form when it is 100 percent pure Silver. Because of this, copper is added to the Sterling Silver used in the Native American rings. This is done to harden the Silver and make it more malleable. This is a vital step in ensuring that the finely crafted Native American rings maintain their shape and form for many years.

In many cases, Native American rings and other forms of jewelry are crafted over generations within a family. Many families and craftsmen are known to create a hallmark of their workmanship that can often be noticed readily in their Native American rings. With the unique fine craftsmanship that is used with each piece, people are assured that any piece of jewelry they buy is special.

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